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with Bookai

Bookai is a book generation platform that allows parents to create personalized books for their children, making learning engaging and relatable. Powered by AI.

Some of the stories made by Bookai

Mentor 1

The Mystery of the Enchanted Alps

...Joshua accidentally discovered an old map. It was hidden in a volume about the geography of the Alps, which stood on the very top shelf in his grandfather' library. Strange symbols on the map seemed to dance before his eyes, forming a specific route. Joshua's heart beat in anticipation of adventures...
Mentor 2

The Mystery of the Snowy Forest

...By combining their powers, the children danced a dangerous ballet with the enemy, each movement of which was full of mystery and peril. Polina felt her confidence and abilities growing with every moment. Together, they were not disjointed magicians but one whole, an echo of ancient times and a harbinger of the future. The power of their friendship intertwined with magic in a pattern of resilience and invincibility...
Mentor 3

Adventures in the City of Lights

..."You won't believe what I found!" he exclaimed excitedly as his trio of friends approached. Their eyes immediately sparkled with curiosity."What is it?" asked nimble Dima, and his hand involuntarily reached for the trick ruler that always stuck out of his backpack. In response, Roma just mysteriously led them deeper into the halls filled with dusty volumes. Passing by the shelves, they discussed rumors about secret corridors in Las Vegas, where untold treasures were supposedly hidden. Each of the boys had already figured out how they would spend their share of the unknown wealth...